Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sharing experience with my kids :D

I took my pupils to the computer lab and showed to them the pictures and videos during my visit and seminar in UK. I think it is important to share it with them to open their mind and give them a view about overseas. Who knows it will suddenly make them be very motivated and change them to Power Rangers oopsss I mean change to be better.... haha...silly joke!

I am so excited to tell them and so do them. I can see the glittering eyes and the forceful body movement eager to see the pictures and listen to the story of other people in another country. While I was busy clicking the pictures and busy telling the story, suddenly Danial, my year 1 pupil who said his going to move to another school but cancelled it, asked me a question (a bit whispering but still put his hand up)
"Don't you scared sir?" Said Danial. He was making innocent cute face while asking the question. I just smile and said of course I am. But not a bad type of scared but a good type of scared. He make confuse face and I told him that he will understand it when he grow up! :D hahaha...so bad!

After that, everybody started to ask questions to me and suddenly I need to control them...haha... it was fun! Even just to tell the story in the flight makes them so excited to hear it! I hope that they will have the experience too in the future!

p/s: It will be fine...


  1. Gan T HockJune 27, 2011

    Great job and well done Hafiz! I think Daniel's question is very significant and relevant!

  2. haha... Thank you sir... yes he is. He always came out with lots of questions and he is brave ;) so...it's good :D


Superb! ;)