Monday, June 13, 2011

coffee or tea? :P

OK, I think it's a good time for me to do some reflection. I think my mind is ready to work again after the long flight back to Malaysia (ooppsss.... sound like show off here...ewww)... The visit was great and the seminar was so great too.

It was a very great opportunity for me to have the chance to say out my opinion about education and also shared what I have here in my school. I felt so happy that the audience were so keen to listen to me... thank you to all of you.... :) I hope you enjoyed it....

At the fisrt moment I started my speech, it was a bit nervous and scared but when I get the rhythms I felt comfortable and confident to say out things in English to the english audience... Can't believed myself I did that! hahaha I hope they understand me ... hahaha :) The other scary moment was when they started to ask me questions and luckily I manage to answer all the questions... yay! Thanks you for the supports and encouragements... :)

Meeting lots of people and be part of another culture were so great too. Last time I visited UK was with my 14 friends. It was a bit secure because I can hide around my friends. But this time, to be all alone by myself there, was a new and interesting experience. I am so proud of myself because I manage to feel comfortable to bring myself to people while I was there...hahaha....

As much as I drink coffee and tea there (oopsss... coffee and tea are so popular there...haha) the visit just open my eyes wider and give a massive impact to my mind and the way of thinking. It makes me think a lot about so much stuff including education, attitude, culture, and make me feel really grateful... As long as we know who we are and appreciate things that we have and try to live and do full of doesnt matter how it should be. The motivation is always needed to make us move forward and achieve what ever waiting for us in the future!

Thank you to everyone that makes my journey completed.... Where ever you are,,, love you guys :)

p/s: :O congratulation to this blog!