Monday, April 11, 2011

maybe a short break!

Oh... so many things to write but so difficult to find time to sit and focus on it now. Maybe only just excuses so that I will not feel much guilty ...hahaha... maybe I'm just lazy :P but don't want to care right now...

I already have a list of things that I really want to write here. I will find the right time to do it later. Too much things happen to me now and I need to solve it one by one.

I know sometimes I push myself too much and make myself a bit stress...but what to do huh? that's just me when i have passion doing something that I like! Sometimes I think about it too much and put high expectation on myself!

Oh Hafiz, rilex mr! You know you can do it! Lets just try the best and then just let everything go as what it should be!

p/s: i thoight just want to write 2 lines suddenly it became longer! hahaha

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