Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I just found a new beautiful creature! :D

It's another week of monthly test now. So, I went to year 4 class yesterday to guard their examination. I'm not teaching them this year but last year I teach them for half year. So, after the pupils' answered the questions and the time was over, I started to collect the test paper from all of them one by one from table to table. Suddenly when I want to make a turn to at the last pupil that sit near the door, I saw something a bit weird and attracted my eyes! OMG! What is that creature! It was just small, look like an aeroplane to me and the head cannot really seen! So without wasting time, I grabbed my camera (which always in my pocket) and take the picture of it and started to forget to collect the paper for a while...oooppsss! I was so amazed with this creature and busy giving focus to it. I asked some of my pupils if they know what it is and they said it is a butterfly. Oh, Ok...maybe they are correct! My school always surrounded by lots of animals. Once, I do heard about elephant, jaguar, the big cow and many more and maybe this is one of it too. (Pray that all the animals will not appear when we in the school, just hope that the school will always be safe for the pupils) Maybe my pupils were correcrt about this creature. Maybe it is a butterfly, maybe this is the butterfly that scared one of my pupil last year if you remember the entries about "A Butterfly Story" hahaha... Now I got the answer for it! ;) p/s: I finished collecting the test paper and then I touched the creature and it fly away and spread it wings just like a butterfly! so great yet a bit of surprised! yay!

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