Monday, March 21, 2011

be careful with the bombs!

This morning, when I was busy chatting with some friends and also listening to the speech in the school assembly suddenly we had been attacked! Yeap! The attact by the bomb from the air! Luckily the bomb did not fell on us and we were all safe!
Then, when I was on the way back from school to home, in the car, I need to drive carefully to avoid another bombs on the road! So many bombs all over the road...everywhere, if you not drive carefully, booom! you will explode!

hahaha...nah, actually the bomb that I mean here is the waste that come out from birds and cows! Yeah...its the real thing if you are here. So, every Monday morning when we have the formal school assembly, there will be lots of birds will join the assembly will us. They will fly here and there above us and sometimes they will left their waste everywhere that they want... haha... Same to the cows on the, the road to my school will be lots of wastes of the cows and of course it will create a smeely surroundings but maybe that make the road interesting! hahaha
I still remember last year, I was sitting in the assembly and wearing a new shirt...suddenly, something hot and smelly fall on my arms! oh, no! it's the bomb from the birds! hahaha... I already been bomb by them!

Why I told this story? hahah....just want to share some nature surroundings in this school. It sound a bit dirty but it is interesting to avoid the bombs every Monday morning! hahaha!

p/s: the cow was walking proudly after what it did to the road!

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