Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The 1st Year of teaching!

Yay! I had completed my first year of teaching. It was so great and I am so happy and pleased with what I had done. There was up and down but that is the normal life of living a life. Sometimes everything goes smoothly and right and sometimes its not. We just need to appreciate all the events.

What I learn through my first year teaching? What I can tell is that I learn a lot! Really really a lot! I don't know how much I learn, maybe thousands, maybe millions or maybe its unknown! Everything happened to me in school or after the school were the things that I learn. Until right now when I doing typing and writing, I still learn! Learn to make sure I can express my feelings in the correct way and honest.

If you follow what I had written on my blog throughout this year, I believed that you also can learn the things that I get. I learn about getting confidence in teaching where I feel so difficult to do it in my first few months. I learn about my pupils characters so that I can tackle their interest. I also learn how to bring myself in the community which is a new place for me. And most of all, I learn to manage my inner self to maintain the motivation and strengths.

The one part that I really found about myself is that I love kids. Yeah, I found that just by seeing or observing the kids makes me feel happy. Sometimes I can't stop myself to laugh and smile to see young kids playing and behaving. I love to see how they react to something happened in front of them. I love to see how they pretend like they were grown up. I love to see they try their best to answer the questions given. I love to see their smile, angry, sad and express their feelings to their friends. I love to see and observe young kids!

First year is so important to anyone in any job. I believed that for sure. First year will be the main base and the main foundation for anyone to choose the correct path of their working life. It will effect what you will feel to what you do. Especially to all the graduates, after a long time you been study in the university, first year will be the first time to apply what you learn. You will experience to the real situation of working life. Let's choose the best way to follow and not regret about it later!

When you really honest with what you doing, there will be a lot of opportunities will come to you. Something you never think in your mind. Something that out of your imagination. When that happen, grab the opportunity, and give your best towards it. And always be grateful and thankful...

p/s: don't think and worry too much about the future, solve the present problems!


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  2. don't think and worry too much about the future, solve the present problems!

    i like this sentences bro..i had read it in a book..a really nice book..titled "don't be sad"..this book was written by Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni..

    he had mentioned that we should not think about our past a lot..do not grieve..because there is another life to come..be prepare for it..

    congraz bro..

  3. year passed very quickly, right?

  4. Yes Cikgu Apis.I like it when you mentioned 'honesty'.Ya...teach honestly and wholeheartedly.Huuu.Go Apis go!


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