Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let us Fly!

What will you feel when people put a high expectations on you? It is difficult to tell how I feel. But I know that it makes me nervous and feel a little bit worry. Yeah, I will start asking myself on how good I am, will I be as what people expect and will I perform as what they think I am. This type of questions will start to play in my mind.

But I believed that as long as we have a strong belief in ourselves on what we do and why we do it, we are in the right track. I do doubt about performance in teaching sometimes whether I will always do my best in the future or not. I know that we need to live at the moment we are rather than think how we are in the future. It is better to finish what we have now than keep worrying about something that we do not know what will happen yet.

Same to my pupils, I believed that they also feel nervous when I started to put a high expectation on some of them. I learn this after a few months I teach my Temiar pupils. I cannot really show my expectations on some high achievers learners to the whole class. I think it is better to tell the pupils individually because they feel shy when I told it in front of their friends. So, I better give motivation to the pupils individually and tell them how much they can learn if they really work hard. I think they appreciate it more than just show the expectations in the class. It just Malaysian way I think. We just shy to accept positive compliments sometimes because it is rare to happened. I admitted that I have the same feel also :)

As long as we have vision and mission in whatever we do it shows that we are in the positive track. We just need to prepare our own wing, make sure we know how it work and then fly high up in the sky!

I also believed that we need to take risk sometimes to make a huge impact in everything we do. Do not just be like a donkey. When tie a carrot in front of it, it just run towards the carrot without realized that it cannot get it. Wake up and let’s fly!

p/s: Thank you to the person that had given me that airplane!

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