Saturday, October 09, 2010

Family Visit :)

This weekend was so fun and great! After a few days I move into my new house, my family had came to visit me here. Not only my father and mother but also including my eldest sister and her husband and son, my 2 brothers and also my younger sister. So, it was like a family gathering in my house.

They came for 2 days here to have a short break and holidays. As my work place which is the school is situated quite far from my hometown, so it is a huge thing for me to get visit from them.
I was quite busy with school this weekends because there were still activities will be held in the school in the morning. Luckily my father likes to travel and it was not a problem for them to go visit the Kuala Kangsar town without me.

In the evening, I had brought them to my school. My sister was excited to go because she is a teacher too. So, she likes to see how orang asli Temiar school. I had be my school tour guide for a while. We visit the class, the hostel and some rooms in the school. It was great for me to share what I do here with my family.

p/s: Sometimes I have difficulties to write down what I feel and what had happened. I will try to elaborate it again next time :P hahaha :P

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