Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Welcome Ramadhan ;)

Tomorrow all Muslims in Malaysia will start fasting for a month. Yay! So, this year I believed that it will be a new great adventure to be fasting in orang asli village. Staying with the pupils in the hostels can let me feel and observed the way people celebrate Ramadan here. I really want to see some of the kids learn to fast. And then we will break the fast together in the evening. I believed it will be a great experience. I hope I can encourage some of the pupils to be patient to learn fasting.

I miss my childhood day when I was learning to fasting. It hard to do at the first time but after a while it not a problem to me. I learn to fast from my age 7 years old. It is not necessarily for a kid to fast actually but because all the people around me celebrate and fasting like my family and neighbours, so I also feel happy to do it. The other best thing to do when Ramadhan when i was kid is to go to the mosques with friends for tarawikh prayer...I do not know how it will be here but i still remember the feeling of happiness of the night in Ramadhan.

It must be so cute to see small children try as hard as they can to complete the fasting at least for a day. especially for this Temiar people, I believed it is new to them too. do not worry dear, I believed you can ;) Let us take the challenge of fasting and adapt it in our real life situation too.... ;)

I hope this Ramadhan will bring lots of happiness and joy to me, to my family, to all my friends and all the Muslims people around the world. I hope that the future will be great and let do all the things in life as honest as we can and as good as we can ;)

Welcome ramadhan! Ahlan Ramadhan! Maduh Ramadhan!

p/s: I decided to find a rent a house. I plan to stay in a rent house starting this September ;)

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