Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy UH Visit Anniversary :)

Its already a year since our visit to University of Hertfordshire, Uniked Kingdom and I still feel like it was happened yesterday. The visit really had given me a huge impact towards my study and myself in becoming a teacher. And today, I already standing proudly as a teacher.

Some people may already bored with the story of our project visiting the UH. But for me and my friends, I believed that the project have it special value that will remains in our memory.

One of the most significant moment about the visit is the visit to the few primary schools in UK. For me, it was not easy to have the same chance again. The visit had given me a very clear understanding about the primary education in UK rather than we just see it through video in the class session in Malaysia. It really helps me to generate ideas especially when I am already teach in school now. I still remember the surroundings and the environment of the school there. Lots of pupils' work can be seen on the wall, colourful pictures that can help the pupils in learning and lots of practical materials to improve the pupils understanding. Some of the envioronment there is so new to me and it feel really great to see all that in a school.

I believed that the experience that I got during the visit will just be a waste if I did not try to apply it in my teaching career. Yeah, actually not only the visit but all i learning in my degree should be apply but I just want to focus about the visit in this entry. In about 5 months being a teacher now I applied what I learnt during the visit. I had encouraged my pupils to feel valued about their works by paste their work at the wall, I put lots of posters to help the pupils to learn and I also had used practical materials to make sure that they can understand the concept of Mathematics very well. I thing, after 5 months in school, I had do a lot of things to help my pupils. I also can see that the pupils give a good responses to me in my class. I can see that my year 5 pupils feels so happy to learn mathematics with me especially when I provided them with activity like group works and creativity in Mathematics. They were all responses very well. I can concluded that since 5 month in the school, I satisfied with my teaching.

"When there is a will, There is a way" is a very deep statement to me. It given me lots of meaning. Everytime I heard this staement, it will reminds me to our visit to UH. We worked very hard to make sure that we can organized the trip while we also were busy with assignments and practicum session. I still remember how busy I was. There was one day that in the morning I had to go to school for practicum session, and then after back from the school, we opened a car wash and in the night, I prepared teaching materials to teach for the next day. It was really exhausted but because of the strong will that we all have about the trip, we accept ourselves to all of that without any doubts or complaints.

I also stressed out to my pupils about "when there is a will, there is a way" to motivate them. I showed to them the pictures and videos of me and my friends work hard and then successful to achieve what we target. I wanted them to be motivated to realized that if they want to change their life, they need to have a strong will and work hardly to achieve it. I really believe that these Temiar pupils really need million and million of encouragements from me and other teachers in the school.

For all the members in UH Trip, I really appreciate all what you all have done and really proud of it. I will always respect to all of you because you all have showed to me that a dream can become true if we work hard for it> Thank you very much for making me to be a part of it!

p/s: I will be very touch everytime I see the pictures of our visit and the picture that I upload up there is my favourite. May all the dream will come true ;)

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