Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Extra Class: My Small Reserch Begin ;)

It's already a month since I started to teach my year 5 pupils mathematics in the night. I grabbed the chance to stay in the school with them as a gret opportunity for me to teach this young kids. Not a huge different I target but I hope it can help them to improve their knowledge and skills in mathematics.In the first few weeks of the class, I had combined all year 5 pupils together (lower and advance). But after a few night, I found that it is not really effective to teach them in a combined class because it have to many things I have to take care. So, starting last week, I grouped this pupils into 2 groups and teach them in different night.

The first group consist of pupils with higher ability. These pupils can do basic operation well and they were easy to understand about mathematics facts when I teach them. They also do not have problems about numbers and the place value. So, I decided to expose this group with advance topic in syllabus. I decided to expose them with the questions that always pop out in examination. So, this group is the target group to at least pass the Mathematics paper.

The second group is consist of pupils that were still having difficulties in doing the basic operation in Mathematics correctly. Some of them still struggle to arrange the numbers correctly according to the place value. I think this pupils needs lots of encouragement and personal approach. They need the significant event that can turn into experiences that can make them remember. I still search for that! Individually!I do not want to put any expectations to this two group yet. I just want to do this just to make sure that this pupils get enough attention for mathematics. And also doing this because I got the opportunity to be with them. So, why should I waste. At least I can remember doing this to my pupils when I already old later ;)

For the pupils...I really hope that their spirit to learn will be increase. Not only in Mathematics but for all the subjects that they learn in school. Most of all, they learn how to live in this real world using all the knowledge and experiences that they gain from school.

p/s: try to maintain to collect the data. Some in computer but lots hand writing ;) haha


  1. AnonymousMay 06, 2010

    by arranging them according to their level is a good, we are able focus according to their ability..u did a right thing dude..keep it up...

  2. apis, i think it's not 'in the night" but "at night" agaknya la...hhahahahha....
    hmm..when will i be like u? at least about the spirit of teaching. help me!

  3. wakakaka Ain...salah grammar ka? wakaka...tapi cek malas la nak edit...len kali yer ;) but thanks