Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Learning Experience: Expectations

One more important thing that I learn from teaching this Temira kids is that I cannot put a high expectations on their performance in mathematics (I only focus to Mathematics subject because I am a mojor mathetics teacher). These pupils maybe can do well in class and can understand the lesson well during the class session. However, when they were given a test, they cannot apply what they already learn. I do found one of the reason why is this happened. I believed that the same problem appears where they were afraid to the numbers and fear to do mistakes. And as the same activity will goes on, they will make sure that they test paper were clean from any trials.

So, I always emphasized them about being brave to try. great people learn from mistakes. Mistakes teach us to be aware. Even me myself learn from mistakes. Mistakes makes me know what I do wrong and then learn how to change it. mistakes can avoid me from being careless anymore.

i still searching the best way to help them to let go their fear of doing mistakes. They need to try or else they will not improve. they really need to realized that doing mistakes is also a learning process. even a doctor, or a professor or an engineer do makes mistakes in their life. So my lovely children, please dont be afraid. Lets try and try even harder. I believed that all of you can do it ;) I always pray for all of you ;)

p/s: Lets just ignore negative perceptions from other people ;)

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