Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Different People, Different Point of Views

Some people asked to me why should we be so energetic, dedicated and work hard in teaching? Some said to me that it just because we are still new and young and still a fresh teacher. In 2 or 3 years more to go, those energetic and hard working people will turn lazy and stop being dedicated to the work too. That what some people think...

I have my own belief about this. For me, a great start leads to a great life. Great beginning will attract lots of positive opportunity that we never think. What a waste of energy if in the start of our career we already be lazy. I think that the beginning year must be a year that we try to apply what we already learn. At least we know we had try it out and will not regret about it when we already old. What do you think happen to a person that start his career with bad attitude and lazy? Can he suddenly change into someone that is so energetic and active? Yeah its not impossible but I guess in 100, only 1 can change immediately like that.

I try to push myself to plan activities for my pupils and then let them enjoy my teaching session.
Yeah, sometimes I am also feel lazy to plan and I think it is normal for human being. But sometimes I know that we need to force ourselves to make sure that things happened correctly like it should. And that how I work. I know my limit of doing things and I know that I am not perfect. But what I need is to aim to make sure what I do is the best that I can.

Great opportunity always come to people that shows confidence in attitude. Sometimes you even get something great that you never expected you will get it. A great start in career will put a good perceptions about you to other people around you.

The most important things that you need to remember is doing your work with honesty. Do not do something just to get others' attention or praise. Do it because you want to do it, not because people want you to do it or to make them amazed with you. you know what, people can judge you whether you honest or not. It shows!

Everyone in this world have their own opinion about something. This is my about yours?

p/s: sometimes we feel lazy to do things...but we need to get up, clear our mind and force our self to do it! ;) Yeah..its hard but its real!

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  1. just ignore others when u believe that u already do the right things..i've experienced about it when i made the "bird" things during my lesson..hu3..we know our student's suit it with them.. d^_^b


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