Thursday, April 01, 2010

My First in House Training - A New Learning Experience

I am really gratefulbecause only 3 months started to be a teacher, I already gained lots of experiences whether with pupils, or social life with other teachers and the latest one is about me, giving the other former teachers a training! WOW! such a great experience to have in a short period of time...haha

The main focus of the in house training was to give out the information about LINUS - the new agenda in Malaysia's education system. Actually I had attended a LINUS course before and that's why I need to share the information with all other teachers in my school. Honestly, I was really nervous because the training was not given to the same age peoples like me as my previous experience in college before but my audience is former teachers. I was really scared at the first moment to start handle the event. However, people with planning and preparation will always win the stage ;) haha..thats what happened to me and I'm glad that I do some planning on how to conduct the training before the day come. It had run smoothly although it just a simple one. I had learn way to delivers speech to people and also learn to be confidence and motivate myself to feel comfortable to talk to lots of peoples! Its really nice!

I believed that this experience will lead me into another exciting experiences in Sekolah Kebangsaan kampung kenang. I really enjoy my stay in here right now and I hope it will remains happy as long as I am in here..amin...

p/s: kesalahan grammar yang melampau agaknya...hahaha..tapi apa salahnya sekali-sekala tulis dalam BI kan..hehehe

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  1. Waaa...mantap....lepas ni bole la aku panggil ko datang sek aku bg taklimat plak pas ni....