Friday, August 31, 2012

Practical reasoning!

I just came back from a week course in  Kuala Lumpur. I thought I can update my blog when I was there but I can't. I brought my laptop with me but I forgot to bring the charger! Egh...silly me.

The course was called "Practical reasoning course for Malaysia Teaching Institute". I am so grateful to be able to attend the course as I learnt a lot of a new thing. The best part was I was invited to share some of my experiences as a new teacher teaching in an orang asli school. I never thought what I have done in the school as a practical reasoning before.

In the same time, it was a great time for me to meet with so many other lecturers from all IPG in Malaysia including my lecturer in Kota Bharu Teaching Institute, Puan Mahany. It's great to share opinions with them as well as sharing the experiences.

There was one moment that really attracted my attention. When they were busy discussing on what they can do later after they go back too IPG. Everyone was so into the discussion. It was a positive environment that you do not really get to see always...I think so ;) I'm so glad that I was there with the positive energy around me! Yay! haha :D

Thank you so much for inviting me there!

p/s: Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! Happy Merdea day! Celebrate the day is one thing, appreciate and grateful are most important! :)