Sunday, November 06, 2011

Social Reflection Network! Vote for it! :)

Hi all! This is not a singing video. This is an idea that I want it to happen and I think it it very beneficial for others especially teachers and educators. This is Social Reflection Network! It will help us to do reflection online with helps of other people all around the world :)

I really need your help to vote for the idea by clicking "like" on the youtube page. You just need to go to the link and then sign up with youtube and then "like" it! We need a lot and lots of "like" to make sure that the idea can become real.

I never done this kind of video before, so I really hope I will gets supports from all of you. I hope that you like the idea and will vote for it before 17th of November 2011 :) So shy but let's just try :P hahaha

So, all bloggers, followers, readers or anybody that comes to this blog, help me to vote, help me to share the link, and help me to spread the idea!!! Put it on your blog, on your facebook, twitter or talk about it to your friends... This is Social Reflection Network

Thank you so much and really appreciate your helps :) Any infor or questions just email to me:

p/s: something worth trying :)