Saturday, November 12, 2011

from just a blog to International exposure! - Great experience in Pattaya 2011 :)

Wow! What a journey I have in Pattaya for 5 days starting 8 to 12 November 2011. I really had a good time there and good experience. I met with lots of good people that really create a positive environment and makes me feel really comfortable to hang around.

The International APICTA 2011 in Pattaya makes me discover more things about myself and also about others. I see myself differently and I believe my heart is growing, my mind is expanding and my eyes is really open to a new dimension of this world.

Never have thought in my mind for just a teacher in a rural area of Malaysia to go this far. Never know that Life through my eyes will be appreciated and touch lots of hearts out there. Thak you so much!

I think I had done my best during the presentation. I see myself differently. I really satisfied with it and I was so confident and so brave to share my experience, to present my idea and much more than that to answer all the questions given! hahaha... (sorry if I sound like bragging :P, just trying to reflect) I think I developed so much during this journey. It's fine whatever the result is because that is not the first thing I search, it is more than that! :D Nothing gonna stop me now... hahaha. but don't worry, i am still myself, I just learn new things...and adapt it for new things to come later. A kampung boy with exposure to the world! :D As the only individual went against the companies, what more I can hope! :D

No matter what other peoples will say, believe in your dreams! Do it before it's too late. I think better feel sad after doing something but you did not get it rather than dissappointed not starting or doing it at all! One exciting experience finished, another more to come in the future! Carpe Diem!!!

p/s: 1 more week to go before school holidays!!! What's the plan?

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