Tuesday, November 15, 2011

more to share

Today I got a chance to show some pictures of Pattaya experience with my year 1 pupils. I just love the way they responded to it. everytime they were screaming happily while looking at the pictures make me smile! Especially when they ee some beautiful pictures of the beach, sky and also me! (ahahaha! just joking...the last one "me" is so not true) :P

I am so glad that I can share the experience with them and more than that show the pictures and a few videos of the places to them. By doing this, my pupils maybe not going to the place but at least they can see the other places out from their village! They can see much more part of the world... Who knows that one day they will travel far away from what I showed to them!!!!! :D

The more you travel and see the world and experience new things, the more you will develop yourself!

p/s: oh so sorry, each of them just get one biscuit only that I bought from Thailand. no so much budget this time! huhu....

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