Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Roses for all of you :)

Thank you to everyone that keep coming visiting this blog :) I'm sorry that my blog is so simple. I'm sorry that my English is just simple and always comes with lots of grammar mistakes. But I believe in what I'm doing and I do what I believe :)

It's quite weird for me to see more and more people interested to come here. I really appreciate it :) I'm using this blog to reflect what I learn in life. So, I am sure that I am very very far away from you guys and I admit that lots of things that I really do not know about the blog world :)

But thank you so much for the supports and encouragements :) For some bloggers that help to promote this blog in their blog like Ben Ashaari, kerabat kenshiro, abhamz, broframestone, cikgu dahlia and many more that talk about this blog, a lot and lot and lot of thank you. :)

I really need to learn much more things about this blogging world. Will appreciate so much if anyone want to help me with that :) But at this point, this is what I have and this is my blog, welcome and enjoy and learn what ever you may learn :) Roses for all of you :)

p/s: Wish me luck for Pattaya, Thailand 2011 :)