Thursday, May 06, 2010

Personal Approach

I felt so lucky right now because I just got 23 period to teach in a week. So, I decided to use some of the free period to call some of the pupils to see me. I meet some of this pupils to see their understanding in the classroom about mathematics (especially the topic I taught for the week) and to see any misunderstanding or mistakes that they maybe do. Sometimes I called year 1 pupils and sometimes I called pupils from year 5.

I believed that some of this children needs personal approach from their teacher. I believed that by doing this, it will lead to a significant experience that can make the pupils remember for their whole life. especially any advice that we given to them personally. I think that they will remember it longer than we tell the advice for the whole class.

yeah, I admit that this activity cannot be done to all the pupils. But at least we try to do it as much as we can. Once again i feel so lucky to have some free time and can use it to do this activity. Oh yeah, sometimes I approach the advance learners to teach them further than the other. This is because, when teaching in the class that mix ability, sometimes there is a border in your teaching. So, personal approach can solve this problem.
And the other benefits that I gain is about my relationship with my pupils. Its getting strengthen. Some of them not feel shy to come and see me anymore right now. yeah...its a great feeling to see this Temiar kids getting brave to come and ask me and also express to me that they not understand! :D Its a great feeling because it is not easy to get responses from them

p/s: I do check their timetable before call them to see me. To check what subject at that time.