Wednesday, June 17, 2020

5 Powerful and effective online teaching tips

With the closure of the school due to the Covid-19 Pandemic outbreak, online teaching has become one of the options for teachers to keep their students learning while they are at home. Here are 5 tips to make teaching online more powerful and effective:

1. Design teaching and learning with appropriate and relevant objectives

Before you want to teach online, plan ahead. What to learn? How many topics do you want to cover? How many students have access? Which teaching aids to use? Referencing materials? and so on. When we have a plan, it is easy for us to convey that lesson later.

2. Learning is social, not just listening to lectures

Reflecting on face to face education in schools, students will not be able to focus as long as teachers are just talking and explaining. Include discussion elements, movement elements and appropriate activities. Similar to the classroom situation, we can still create activities where students can write, type, respond orally, move, record video and so on.

3. Not too long and divide it into small groups

If online classes are planned, make sure they are not too long. Not all learning requires long talks. 15 minutes is enough to guide and then the class will continue with self-study. It is also possible to divide students into groups so that it is easy to respond when needed. Keep in mind, however, that classroom instruction does not have to be exhausted. Teachers can provide appropriate activities for students to continue learning.

4. Teacher's voice, teacher's face and teacher's instructions

If you want to teach something new like to show how math works or to show you how to draw an elephant, it's best to have your own video. No sophisticated video is required. Just 3 to 5 minutes can explain what students want to do. Teacher's voice, teacher's face and teacher's instruction will make learning closer to the students because they know their teacher!

5. Managing the expectations of teachers, students and parents

The most important thing to remember is the management of expectations or expectations placed when teaching online. This is something new. New things require a lot of experimentation. Don't put expectations that are too high or unrealistic on anyone. The important thing is to try and make changes as needed!

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