Friday, November 29, 2019

and November is almost ended

Year 2019 is coming to an end soon. How do you feel so far? Are there any changes that have happened to your life? Are there any regrets that you feel? Are there any good news items to celebrate with me?

I have managed two procurement cycles with my team. I have learnt many valuable lessons at a personal level, team level and organisational level. My focus of this writing is only on my personal level of learning and of experiencing the management of procurement for two cycles.

I learn that doing repetitive work is not my cup of tea. The process of procurement can be repetitive. The content of it maybe different but the whole process is the same - you plan and carry out the specifications, advertisement, evaluation and so on. So to deal with it, I need to develop a strong bond and relationships with people around me. It is important to be comfortable and easy with people that will work with you on the same tasks. When anyone in the team is feeling low and out of the working mood, then you can do a fun activity together like watching a movie or going out for a coffee to take your mind off things.

I learn that mistakes are usual and something to accept and to be responsible for. When managing a big number of data, you always need to calm down and try not to be overwhelmed by it. I learn that it is better to be slow and focused than being fast but making many mistakes. I learn that you also need to be humble enough to get people to check your work. Managing a big number of data can sometimes get you to be negligent. So, do not be shy or be egoistic and get as many people to go through your work and check. If you have made a mistake, own your mistake and try to find a solution. So that is why I think it is better for you to get many eyes to check your work. Prevention is better than cure! haha

I learn that planning ahead is so important to make sure your work is manageable. A part of the tender process was managing the evaluation meeting that involved hundreds of documents, hundreds of evaluators and managing the logistics. Proper planning in the early stage of the process is so important. You need to think about what will happen on each particular day, how many documents to evaluate every hour, estimating how many providers will enter the tender and so on. The more you do, the better it gets.

November 2019 will be gone soon. The last month of the year will come and replace what ever happened in November. No matter what, keep trying. 😆

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