Saturday, May 25, 2019

Done the first phase of 2019

Ramadhan 2019 is already coming to an end. I have a week more of work before going back home to Alor Setar for the Raya celebration.

These past few months have taught me many valuable learning experiences. It made me tense and stressed much of the time but I have also enjoyed some moments every now and then.

In the past few months I learnt how to manage the procurement process for hundreds of schools in a short period of time. I was so busy trying to finish the work on time - working tirelessly at weekends, throughout night and so on. I guess at the moment this is my working life. I hope it will change a bit in the future after the new plan and proposal that we put in.

The process of work itself is not the problem, I think, but because we are managing a big volume of procurement that makes it hard. It so different from what I learnt in Perlis where the volume was low but the process of work was considerable.

Anyway, sometimes I do feel fed up with the stress and difficult situations. I guess I am just a normal human being who has my ups and downs. Now that we have done the first phase of the year, it feels something of a relief. I am a bit nervous about what will come during the next phase, but just let's see how it will be!

PS: Would you come to my LTME3 book launch?