Monday, November 07, 2016

Me complaining again...haha...

I guess I will be busy for a while. At least in my mind. Keep thinking about this and that, particularly about the events that I am going to administer. There are two events: a forum and a theater.

This week and last week, we are taking the module on Research Methodology. I am enjoying the module as there is no final examination. However, the detail of the assignments in this module is quite challenging.

Writing a research proposal in a short period of time is challenging. To come out with an issue that you are interested to research, as well as planning the research questions, research objectives, research designs and methodology take so much hard work! Until now, I have only had a rough idea and am not that focused yet!

My mind is busy thinking about handling the events - hopefully it will be a successful events. I am also busy thinking about the assignments.. In the end I am just exhausted, changed my mind and decided to go to sleep and rest! hahaha

Anyway, I miss my home so much.... I miss my mom and dad, I miss my room and miss the Kampung! I want to go home so badly!

PS: You just need to try to the limit!

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