Tuesday, June 14, 2016

...then I am ready to move on...

I think I maybe addicted to challenges. Once I feel like I have settled, then I look for something new. Once I feel like it is done, then I want to do and achieve different things in life.

I worked in the education sector and felt so happy and satisfying with it. I was a primary school teacher for a few years and really did my best! Then I challenged myself and did my masters degree in the middle of getting acknowledgement for my contribution to the teaching profession. When I came back from my masters, after working with the Teacher Training Institute, i decided to join the private sector to see how things work differently there, with the same objective, which is education.  I took the risk. After a while learning and experiencing, I planned to further my study again but I was offered to work in a higher education institution. I felt settled working there. The work has been demanding but I have been really enjoying it. 
Now, i have received an offer to become a Diplomatic and Administrative
Officer (PTD) with the government sector. A chance for me to rejoin the government sector. You know what? I will take the chance!

I guess I have never turned down opportunities before. I do not see why I should do that this time. I mean, I have been discussing this a lot; with my family, friends and even with my lecturers!

Sometimes I do have doubts about my actions, but then I realise that I am just a human being. You know people can say to you that you should know what you want and stay inside it. But then, life is only once. If you settle too easily then you will never know what else you will able to do and achieve. Even to achieve failure - still an achievement! ahaha... Easy to say! i am glad and thankful that things work out for me every now and then. I do faced a lot of problems and challenges, but I guess it makes me strong somehow. Anyway, I will try to do what I said... I accept the challnges and try my best. People can always have their own opinion and so do I. 

Ahaha! Actually this is only me trying to convince myself again and again. If you realise, this is just how I motivate myself. I write it on my blog! I'm scared too. I'm nervous too. I'm doubting my capability too.

Thanks to this blog. You are always a place for me to write what I feel and get me on the track against all odds...

Go Hafiz Go!

PS: leaving again...

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