Wednesday, May 25, 2016


I sometimes can't believe how time flies... So fast...

now, it is already the end of my second semester as a lecturer. Being here in higher education institution  was never expected. I have enjoyed the time that i have had here. Yeah, full of opportunities to learn as well as full of challenges that sometimes exhaust me.

The part that I think is really important for me to grow myself, is the part that understands that learning will always take place in human lives. Wherever we are and what ever we do, there will be something that we will learn. big or small the learning curve will still happen.

I sometimes doubt the steps that I will take or even I have taken. I guess it is just my personality. Doubt and scared about everything I do but I will still do it! haha....

This semester i learnt that as much as you want to give to people, not everyone wants to accept it. We see things differently. We react differently. What is important to me, might not be important to you. What is meaningful to me, might be useless to you.

Anyway, that is just the reality. Hard truth

PS: next steps? btw, thanks for the very the late birthday celebration! haha

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