Friday, December 11, 2015

the singing students

One thing that I really like about teaching my students in a university is that there is capacity for me to introduce complicated activities. I'm not saying that I can't do complicated activities with school students but sometimes it requires a lot of time for them to come out with the right outcomes.

On Wednesday, in my Foundations of Education class, what I did with my students was to discuss the topic of equality in education. We were discussing issues of race, religion and gender biases reflected through equality in education. I shared a lot of my experiences of teaching in Kampung Kenang and some experiences that I had in Ghana.

At the end of the discussion, I asked my students to create a song in 20 minutes and perform the song, working together in a small group. What they needed to do was to create lyrics that promote equality in education. They could either create their own song or use a recent popular song and change the lyrics to fit the theme.

20 minutes sounds short for them to work together and hit the outcomes but the students managed to do it! It was hard for them in the beginning to find the words and sentences that fit the theme. However, when they had decided what song to use, then I could see their ideas flow like a river!

It was a good activity to train them become confident and creative teacher as well as to
 make them work together to achieve the outcome. They thought critically about what to say and how to make the lyrics suit the song as well. It was great to see all of them being very cool and easily doing the activity. Great fun! Some of them even rap the lyrics! aha
Some lyrics goes like:

"today we learn about equality...and inequality opportunities"

"...cause my future is in my hands, can't you see?"

PS: the continuation of the Unistar event I went to a few nights before... I saw a lot of my students there... So, I fitted this activity in my class...aha...

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