Friday, December 18, 2015

Ideas flow like a river

Nowadays, since I have been back teaching, I have started to have a lot of ideas about how to involve my students in learning and get them doing some active learning with me in the class. I want them to think critically and to respond to me and among themselves. I really like my class to be busy. I also have a lot to reflect on and to write and learn.

When people around me and my students start to ask em how do I manage to come up with the ideas, I paused for a while. They asked me where I find the activities. Do I have a book that I refer to? Are there any websites that I click to learn from? Or did I learn it from my studying time?

I really could not answer the questions in the beginning. They suddenly made me stop from being able to answer these questions straight away. I think all of the sources they mentioned above are actually some of where I get the ideas. However, you just need to find a way to match the activities that you learned or experienced with your learning objectives. Sometimes I get the ideas from reading a book, sometimes from watching a video from Youtube. One time I was watching the tv series Running Man for example and use the idea from there in my class. Another time ideas just come from daily chores. I enjoy the way that ideas just come to me and how I relate them to my class. Question that comes to my mind: "How can I fit this activity in my class?" The ideas just flow like a river.

Thinking about what makes me wonder whether the ideas may dry up? Will I always be able to come up with something new? I have no idea! haha... But if the activity is a good way to train them with some skills and provide rich learning experiences for the students then I believe that repetition is not a bad idea! The activity can be the same but the context can be different!

PS: Ready to go to the end of the semester!

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