Saturday, March 28, 2015

Am I addicted to you?

I was walking on the road
Going to get myself food to eat
Then I wonder about you
Have you eaten?
Am I addicted to you?

I was talking to a friend
We were laughing happily at a joke
Then you came across my mind
Were you happy too at that time?
Am I addicted to you?

I was driving back home
Waiting for my car to move, but the traffic light showing red
Wondering if you are safely back at your place
Am I addicted to you?

I'm thinking about you with someone else
about how you treat the person
about how you care about the person
I'm thinking that it will be me
I'm greedy and selfish when I'm thinking of you
Am I addicted to you?

You make me nervous
You make my heart beats so fast
You make me believe that life is so wonderful
You take my breath away

we meet
we left
we talk
we fight
but we always drawn back to each other

Maybe we are never meant to be together
Maybe it's only an addiction
until I find something new to be crazy about
until then, I guess, I'm addicted to you!

PS: maybe it's about a glass of creamy teh ais!

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