Tuesday, October 14, 2014

back in Kota Bharu for a day!

Yesterday I was in Kota Bharu - Just for a day. I have been invited by my lecturer, Puan Mahany and the Mathematics Department of IPG Kampus Kota Bharu to do a talk and meet trainee teachers. It was such an honour for me to receive the invite and do a little bit of sharing with the trainee teachers. More than that, it was also a good time for me to meet my lecturers and see the place where I was trained as a teacher for four years.

I felt much more prepared this time around. I feel more confidence in doing the sharing of my blog and books. Comparing yesterday and many more talks that I have done before, I am definitely feel stronger and more confident ;) Luckily the participants were also very highly motivated and interested to listen and involved! Thank you.

In the beginning, we did a little bit of thinking about schooling and education in Malaysia and reflected how it is different over time. Then, I brought the participants to my experience with Life through my eyes: A teachers little steps towards perfection (2010 - 2012), followed by Life through my eyes 2: from Kampung Kenang to Kasoa (2012 - 2013)!

The best part for me was the last activity where I got the participants to try out one of my activities from my class. I wanted them to discover and experience the feeling themselves of being nvolved in an active activity. I passed small piece of papers to each and everyone, then got them to draw a bird, with me modelling it to them. Then, when they were done with the drawing, I asked them to write down their answer to my statement: "I hope to be a teacher that is..." It was superb to see they were all cool enough to do it and share their thoughts - a sign that they all are going to be awesome teachers someday soon I guess!

The session ended with questions and answers. Interestingly, after the first person started to throw her question to me then, more and more trainee teachers started to ask questions.

Great to be back in Kota Bharu, I don't mind to be back again and again and again! Haha

PS: Quite nervous when the flight back to Kuala Lumpur cannot touch down and need to delay it's landing time! Fuhhh...

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