Thursday, February 13, 2014

hot boiling water!

So my first week of working in a new place should be last week. But then an accident happened during the second day of the last week. My first week of working in a new place was postponed. This week is like starting week all over again!

That night (last week when the accident happened) I had a very bad headache. So, I took a rest and slept at 8 p.m. Two hours later, I woke up. My eyes was not fully opened, and my head was still spinning I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on - hope to stuff my hungry stomach with a cup of hot milo and a slice of bread. Right after the hot water is ready, I went to make the drink and then accidentally the hot water spilled on my thigh. Egh...can you imagine the pain? Maybe not if you never experienced it before.

Still, when it happened, I was a bit clueless about what action to take. I went to the toilet to cool the skin down using the running water and I thought it's not a serious injury. A moment later, after a few phone calls to friends and family, I decided to go to the clinic nearby. Then I just realised that the injury was quite serious. First degree burnt!

This happened on my first week of my new job. It makes me a bit nervous but what to do right. Accident happens anytime anywhere, no planning! it burns my thigh, but the worse it burns my motivation! It feels better now. It healing slowly but surely...same to my motivation I hope.

Let the journey begins again...

PS: Some wisdom words from my mentor: "There will be hills and mountains. But there will always be sunshine. We sometimes just have to get wet before the sun comes out again".

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