Friday, October 11, 2013

the experience in Pahang

We went for a visit to pre-school in Lipis Pahang, situated in a rural area. There were 2 schools that we went to visit, SK Lejang and SK Titom.

The expedition by 4WD's took us about 3 hours from the hotel that we stayed. The journey was very challenging, up the hills, down the hills, over a river and so on! I wonder how the teachers in both schools travel in and out during weekend...

The schools were beautiful and nice. The teachers look they enjoyed teaching in the schools and were very motivated! The pre-school itself are beautiful and nice! I am so thrilled and surprised!

I hope people know that teachers in rural area are motivated doing their work as well as teachers teaching in the city... Throw away the skeptical thinking about bad behaviour of them and start a new perceptions! Sometimes they are much better doing their work in the jungle!!!

PS: nice views of nature!

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