Monday, September 30, 2013

I'm back in Malaysia

Accept or argue?

So, now I'm back in Malaysia!!!

It has been two weeks already since I am back in Malaysia. I had a great year studying in Newcastle University. Living abroad for a year was a really great, nice and interesting experience ever! Not only that, the experience for almost a month staying in Ghana add some spice to my adventure staying outside of Malaysia. I want to do more though! I am very sure of that! ahaha

I am now working with Malaysia Teaching Institute (IPGM)... a new job to try and explore. I am not sure what is waiting for me here but I am looking forward to learn new stuff. Most importantly, I hope I will be able to share and meet with some trainee-teachers in the institute all over Malaysia to share a bit of my experience with them. I think it will be good...isn't it? ;)

PS: Sometimes we do things not for now, but for the future...even though now is tough and difficult! 


Superb! ;)