Monday, October 15, 2012

almost a month...

It is almost a month now that I have been in Newcastle. Sometimes I still cannot believe myself to think about this. A few weeks ago, I was a teacher, went to school to teach, checked my pupils’ work, filing this, filing that and now I am a student myself! Egh… I thought it would be easy to organise myself but it is not that easy….especially when there is so much reading to do, fuhhh…I had better suit myself as soon as possible (then still have time to write this…lol)

I feel so relieved that I chose to study International development and education here in Newcastle University. I think it is a good choice as I just learn so many new things and make new discoveries. It is amazing to know how private schools for poor people are growing rapidly and the demand of parents for them in some developing countries. And who knows maybe even in Malaysia it is happening too… Something to check and think about…

I will talk about this serious and interesting stuff later in my blog, but for the moment I choose to write something much easier to digest. By the way I got a lot of responses to my writing on “culture shock”. Thank you for all the tips and comments…I really appreciate it J haha

p/s: I think I eat a lot more here all the time! Cannot stop myself from eating and eating! Yeah! Let’s bring back fat to Malaysia!

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  1. ahaha, when study time..students eat a lot..especially during late night since we are hungry after studying for an hour + facebooking..LOL...

    thanks follow my blog..appreciate so much


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