Saturday, June 30, 2012

I take out the cards :P

Lucky me! Now I find a time to just sit in front of my laptop. After a great day yesterday meeting with some lecturers in IPG Teknik and meet with some good people in Teach for Malaysia, now I'm waiting my train to go back to Perak.

So let me spend some time just to write down one activity that I do with my year 1 pupils last week. Another simple activity and do not need much resources but will give a meaningful experiences for the kids (I guess so :D)
 Write down a series of number on the card or paper. For example, I write down 40 to 49 to my kids. Then, I put them in groups and give all the groups the cards.
Actually, before I gave the cards I already take out 2 cards from the numbers series. I took out different numbers from each groups. I just wanted to see what will happen to them. Will they realise it or will they not notice at all?

After getting the cards, all the groups (especially the good one) were so excited to arrange the cards. After two or three cards, they stoped! I think they realised something is missing. However, there are one group that just arrange as what they have without care what was missing.
Looking at them doing some thinking and trying to sort out the problems and started to ask me question, I then put down the cards that I take out on the chair. I can see the kids started to smile and rush to get the numbers. Ooopsss....need to control that by asking one by one person from each group to come and take it, or else it will be wild! :D

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  1. MINE2...ehehehehe..gudjob cikgu

  2. all the best sir..creative..wanna be your student..ahaaha

  3. OK follow Hafizul ;) Ija, can I get ur blog link please? :D