Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The trip to KL: Recap

I know I already write something about the trip to KL before but I think I just want to do some more review about what happened...especially when I was there with them. So early in the morning, everybody were ready to go, the headmaster gave some advise, they packed all the stuff in the bus, everybody in the school were waiting to witness the departure of the bus...and so it's happened... :)

During the journey, after a while some pupils started to get bus sickness. Some of the kids started to vomit. Maybe some of them just having a new experience travel far away by bus in a day light. Some of them cannot stand that the bus is quipped with air contioner where they prefer to have the wind from nature. We stopped at tapah, everybody went out to get some fresh air. Then we started the journey again, eat, drink, eat apples, sleep (some of them maybe inclucing me :P ) and this time nobody get sick anymore... fuhhh...

Suddenly when we got to Jalan Duta, the pupils started to make noise. They were so excited to see the tall buildings around the road... I am so excited too to see they excited :) It was a nice moments to see they were happy...

Then, we arrived at UCSI University, have a BIG lunch, then we - chat chat, walk, walk, looking this, looking that, see this, see that, experiace this, experience that... It was a very nice welcome from UCSI University. I think everybody happy that afternoon... Especially when we were hanging around at the pool, I can see some of the kids were so eager to jump and swim...but next time maybe...it's fine, you guys have a beautiful river in the village ok...go jump there :P and yes, especially you Safuan!

Then, we went to Aquaria... Look at the fish, scream at the shark, playing in the tunnel, eww at the small crocodile (I guess), amazed with the big aquarium, playing with the touch screen stuff and laughing, giggling, taking photos and many more. Another great time...

Then, we go out and have a walk at the park, sight seeing aroundthere, the kids playing at the playground, having rest in front of KLCC and appreciate the beauty... We spend quite a long time there before they headed to the hotel.

One great thing about these kids are that they were so well behave and so easy to control... Maybe they know they were far away from home, so they listen carefully to all the advise given to them. I am so proud to see them and I am so happy that I can share the moment with them... :)

p/s: try to consider things around me as much as I can :) Hope everything will going well :)

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