Wednesday, January 05, 2011

One way to decorate your board :D

Today I just want to share one way to decorate the announcement board in an easy and simple way. maybe you have the other easy way to do it but this is just a share of my idea to do it. It looks nice and it also will involve your pupils in the classroom.

This activity will not take a long time and it will finish about 15 minutes if you ready with all the materials. First, you need to prepare sugar papers (I prefer black), colourful A4 papers, round shape, scissors and glues.
After that, I distributed the A$ papers to all of my pupils one each with different colours. I asked them to scatch the round shape on the papers and then cut it out. While they were busy scatched the shape, i covered the board with the black sugar paper.

After they finished cut the shape and I finished cover the board with the sugar paper, it is time to make the boarder. i asked the pupils to glue the shapes to the board and they must make sure that the shape with the same colour will not be next to each other. I let them do it by their own and left them to do the work. after 10 minutes, they come to see me in the teacher's room to tell me that they already done it :D SO fast! And it looks beautiful now :D
p/s: second year is challenging than the first year :D I can feel it!

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