Thursday, April 15, 2010

Excited enough?

During my mathematics teaching to year 5 pupils, I found that this group of children have a great fear towards numbers. Lots of them (I think about 3 quarter of the class) were not feel comfortable with numbers even just to write it. I observed that they were so afraid with numbers and not have confidence to write numbers. One of favourite things that they likes to do was to write a number, and then rub it and then write the number again and then rub it until the end of the mathematics session.... so sad to see this situation...

Realizing that this problems need a solution, I introduce to them a creative activities in mathematics (focusing on teaching multiplication in easiest way for them). Yeah...just drawing a bird and paste on the wall. simple but I think it can attract them to participate in the learning session. And most of all, it can developed their confidence to do the work.

At the first moment, I just start the activity with slow activity where they need to make a multiplication table on the number that they got from me. I can observed that the pupils still lazy to move and to do the activity. Once I saw some of the pupils finish the multiplication table, I started to teach them to draw the bird... Now, I gained their attention....haha

I can observed that the class being so active right after the first pupils finish to draw the bird, write down the multiplication table on it, colour the bird, cut it out and paste it on the wall. The other pupils that observed what did their friend do started to get motivation to do the same. so nice to see them talks about the birds and the multiplication table. It is quite rare to see them talks about it actively! ;)

Pupils feel proud of what they done. They keep discussing about it until the class finish. I just hope that I can always provide them with this kind of activity where I will get class involvement and participation. It feel so great! ;)

p/s: always need guidance from the former teachers...really respect them ;)


Superb! ;)