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Life through my eyes: A teacher's little steps towards perfection
Life through my eyes 2: from Kampung Kenang to Kasoa

Life through my eyes 3: From Teaching to Leading 
Blog published as a book called Life through My Eyes: A Teacher's little steps towards Perfection published by MPH and UCSI PH, endorsed by Y. Bhg. Tan Sri Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Abdul Rahman Arshad, Former Director General of Education Malaysia.

Blog published as a book called Life through My Eyes 2: from Kampung Kenang to Kasoa published by MPH! New - July 2014

Number 1 Bestseller for the end of week 25th September 2011 in MPH Bookstore

Extracts from the blog appear in Learning together through International Collaboration in Teacher Education in Malaysia Report of a Project to Develop a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Primary mathematics (2010)(Section 6.2 Insights from a newly qualified teacher) published by University of Hertfordshire Press, UK

3 pages newspaper feature: Remote Writing: Rural Teacher Muhamad hafiz Bin Ismail Blogs and Inspire, New Straits Times, November 2nd 2011, page 1,8 and 13.

Appears in MPH Quill Megazine, Class Act: A Teacher Hopes to Inspire through Book Based on His Career, Issue 32, Oct- Dec, 2011, page 59

Appears in Future Megazine - The Megazine for Alumni and Friends of The University of Hertfordshire, Blogging for Success, Summer 2012, page 6

An invitation to write for Business Circle - A New Digital Megazine owned by the ETP (Dato' Seri Idris Jala)

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