Friday, September 28, 2012

making a decision

Today I just made another decision! After a few days thinking about it, I think I just need to decide and do not have to think about it anymore. It was about the modules that I wanted to do for my masters degree. When I applying for this masters, International development and education, I do not have any idea that it will come together with 5 different pathways that I can choose to take.

I decided to just stick with the modules that I first choose when I appplied. I do interested to take a module called Student tutoring which I will be able to go to UK school and do some teaching work there. But I missed to fill my name in! So sad! But what to do...I need to move on, so I discussed with Rene, my programme director and he will help me find away to do some work in school later....that's quite a re;ief

Makin never ends right! Once you decide something there will be hundred more later you need to decide. Sometime maybe I do not have to worry much because I think there are no really corrrect or incorrect decisions... It's us who go through it and choose to celebrate it or to make it a problem... ahaha....try to be positive... ;)

p/s: the end of induction week!