Monday, January 30, 2012

no electricity! oh!!!

I just arrived in my rent house in Sungai Siput a few hours ago. As per usual, open the gate and then switch on the light...but suddenly there were no lights on! I checked everything, the fuse or whatever, even the electric bills but I am very sure that they are not the problems...(even calling my dad and wake him up from sleep to make sure what I'm doing was correct...hahaha). So, I think tomorrow just need to call the landlord! Mr! Something happened to your electricity thingy in the house...can you come and check it? :D (with polite and so cool...wahaha)

So, what to do...tonight I still need to survive without electricity help. Lucky me I charged my laptop to the fullest ever :D Do not really care before but now I realized it's important to charge my electronice devices...see, at least I can write something tonight in the dark with the candles and mosquitoes becoming my best friends... :D

No complaints! My pupils in the jungle maybe experience worst that what I deal tonight right. Oh it's about two weeks did not update this blog... This "no electricity" situation helps me to write something... hehe... I think I have a very good school holidays last weeks. Not so much things I do but I feel really satisfied with it and ready to start this week :D I guess eating lots of oranges from the "Chinese New Year" celebration makes my mood become wonderful...

Ok...enough of writing. Tomorrow I need to deal with the school in the morning and in the afternoon need to make sure that something will be done to fix the electricity in this house. I will go to school very early tomorrow for sure... Go to iron some shirts...wahaha...too much details... Good night!

p/s: try to get some rest...


  1. wahh cikgu yg tabah..siap bawak baju g sekolah nak

  2. welcome back....i mean, happy working!

  3. cool...dorm pun salu blackout..hehe..happy teaching,sir! :)


Superb! ;)