Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dear Mom, Dear Dad

Dear Mom, Dear Dad

I write this down to make sure that I say out everything in my heart for both of you. So that in the future, I have things to be my reference even though I know this feelings will always be the same and will grow more and more and more...

Dear Mom, Dear Dad,

I know whatever I said here will not be enough to say everything that I feel to both of you but let me try my best

Dear Mom, Dear Dad,

Thank you for all the things that you both sacrifice for me. Thank you for all the things that you both done to make sure I will grow up well. Thank you for all the efforts that you both made since the day I born until now

Dear Mom, Dear Dad,

Thank you, thank you thank you.I know if I write down thousands or millions or many more thank you it will never be enough. It is more than that...more than everything...but thank you Mom, thank you Dad

Dear Mom,

I love to see you smiling. I love your cooking. I love the way you support me, motivate me and I love you.

Dear Dad,

You work hard, not talking much but that just the way you are, you special in everything you do and I love you.

Dear Mom, Dear Dad,

Sorry for ignored some of your advises sometimes.... Sorry for broke your heart and sorry for any mistakes that I done... It just difficult to control my desire sometimes...but I always know that your advises are the best for me

Dear Mom, Dear Dad,

I want you both to know that you are always in my mind. I pray for your happiness everyday and everytime....

I love you Mak, I love you Abah
will all my heart :) hugs

p/s: Am ready?

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