Friday, August 08, 2014

The bridge that gets me thinking

I have just started a new habit that I hope will last a long time...walking in the night time! Working from 9 to 6 everyday kind of makes it hard for me to do many activities that can keep me active and feeling healthy. So, I decided to start this new activity, just to make sure that I can maintain good health...hopefully.

Tonight, while walking alone and enjoying the warm of the night time and the less busy traffic in the main city of KL, I saw an over head bridge connecting one side to the other for pedestrians. It is build for safety reasons for people to cross the busy road, especially as there is a school on one side and a big community settlement on the other.

However, every morning and evening when I drive past the bridge, I see people who prefer not to use the bridge. People, including school students, prefer to cross the road rather than to use the over head bridge. I am not sure why, but maybe it is quite far to walk to the bridge and hard work to climb the stairs to cross.

This kinda makes me think... I guess that is the nature of us human beings. When there is no bridge, we demand a bridge. When there is a bridge, we say that it is easier to just cross the road even the traffic is crazily busy. Until suddenly something bad happens (hopefully not), then it hits us. Only then we realise the perks of having the over head bridge to cross the road! We human beings always needs reminders, I guess...

PS: please be safe...please...

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