Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Perks of being ICT Literate

Yesterday I went for a conference - Digital Education Show Asia 2014. There are many things for me to learn and share. It is amazing to hear about what is happening out there and in Malaysia itself in education through technology. This kind of event brings people from many sectors, mostly ICT and education, to sit together and discuss.

One interesting part that grabbed my attention was about the usage of ICT in schools in Asia and in Malaysia. Mainly about the acceptance of teachers and pupils of the usage of ICT in schools. Questions that came to my mind: if it is not now, then when? if it is now, then why?

I think whether we like it or not, it is now already - the time for us to make our new generation of pupils and students to get involve with virtual learning environments. It is already time to prepare them with ICT literacy. We all need to be open to this. Technology will keep developing, so will education...we cannot expect technology to develop but we want to stay in the same place, the same work, with the same expectations, trying to ignore all the developments in technology around us. We use it all the time in our daily life, but when we are in the school, we suddenly take technology as a

It is very important for the next generation to be prepared and equipped with technology literacy. It is important to make sure that we are open to the benefits and perks of the virtual learning environment.

We cannot expect people to develop technology in education and at the end of the day we turn back to the traditional way only. I think that sacrifices need to be made in order to let something new to start and change this situation... What do you think?

PS: no more excuses maybe?

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