Wednesday, April 30, 2014

super power!!! :D

                                         Superhero name: apistakkisah
                                          Age                  : 20+
                                         Superpower      : ability to see own/other people's true colour
                                         Origin               : Hijau Kuning Land

When I was young, (probably even now...sometimes) I always dreamt of having some kind of super power. You know when you watched too many cartoons or read too many comic books then your imagination started to go wild. I always had this craziness about having the power to fly like Superman or the sharp strong claws like Wolverine or a spider web to jump here and there like Spiderman!

I don't have that kind of super power. But I still feel like I have my own super power. The power to see my own true colour or other people's true colours! through reflection!!! I think it is great to learn through reflection. Even though sometimes too much reflection can bring out depression or sadness... but let's focus on the bright side. Even having the power like Superman, Wolverine or Spiderman there will be a negative part as well - the villains that hate them and always give trouble for them to settle. Think and imagine the same! :D

OK me and my super power. You and your super power. Have you recognised your super power?

PS: in the mood of Superheroes because too many Superhero movies coming to the cinema!!! :D

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