Monday, October 24, 2011

3 bad things in 1 day :D

Ok before I go to sleep I think I better share this 3 bad things that happen to me today. I'm not going to go deeply on why it's happening in each event but I just want to share the main thing that I learnt from them...

First, I was in a bus from Kuala Terengganu to Alor Setar last night. But when I woke up, I just realized that I ended up in Butterworth. Egh... I just noticed that I never buy a correct bus ticket!

Second, after my parent and I arrived in Sungai Siput, Perak, we decided to take a bus to go to Ipoh train station. Suddenly the bus was late. Then, we stucked in a bad traffic jam in Ipoh and we missed out 4p.m train! But we managed to get another one at 6:15 p.m. Just for your information, we are on our way to KL because tomorrow we will attande the APICTA award ceremony in KL Hilton ;)

Third, after I bought the new ticket to go to Kl, I decided to have a drinks with my mom and dad in the restaurant in the train station. While smiling happily, drink a bit my tea 'O' ice, I decided to open my laptop. Accidentally with so much embarass I spilled my tea 'O' on the table....


So now, I can decided to be so sad or to be glad and move on with this. And guess what? I think after a bit of sad I decided to take this as a good thing. I decided to look it as a good way to reflect my journey. Yep, maybe after great things happened to me this few weeks make me forget how difficult the journey was. So, this is like a reminder to me to always remeber that in a journey towards anything that you want in life, there will always be obstacles waiting for you! So just be ready!!!

p/s: I hope tomorrow will be another learning experience :)


  1. so sbar ja la..klau jd kat nini dah lma nangis..hahah...
    mcm2 jd lam stu msa..mmg x laaa..

  2. yup that was right =) life never free with obstacles. n without obstacles, life are meaningless.... ^_^

  3. hmmmm.... how is ur lap top now? is she ok without taking any
    panadol..??? hik3....

    nice posting here.. =)

  4. Hmm... remind me of me ... always getting into the wrong boarding gate ...nak kata manja ... entah le ... tapi bila ada orang disisi utk membantu, baru things get on smoothly ... sabar ye ... akak do'a semoga things will be better from this day on ...k. aishah...