Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I miss them: A dedication to my pupils :D

It's almost 2 weeks already I cannot attend to school. Not that I do it purposely, but I have been invited to some meetings in Kuala Lumpur. I miss to see them! Yep, you the naughty kids in SK Kampung Kenang! hahaha...

However, this is great! I have a new story to tell them soon!

Thank you so much for choosing my blog to win the Prime Minister Best of the Best APICTA Award 2011 and Best e-learning category APICTA Award 2011. These awards means so much to me and I believe to many people. I believe it will open a new view towards the ICT solutions and also a new perspective towards the education. It will open more eyes, it will grow much more motivation and it will inspire more hearts!

I really can't wait to bring the trophy to the school and share it with my pupils. I cannot wait to see them cheers when I turn on the light :D hahaha... So good!

Thank you to all the supports and encouragements! Congratulation Life through my eyes!